Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Desire'

Total 86 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Desire'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aakaanksha Desire, Wish 5 Girl
Aakaansha Wish, Desire, Dream 3 Girl
Aakanksha Desire, Wish 22 Girl
Aakansha Wish, Desire, Dream 2 Girl
Aasha Desire, Wish, Hope 3 Girl
Aasthaa Faith, Hope, Regard, Support 6 Girl
Abhikanksha Longing for, Desire 4 Girl
Abhilasa Desire, Wish, Affection 8 Girl
Abhilasha Desire, Wish, Affection 7 Girl
Abhipsa Strong desire, Wish 11 Girl
Abhipsha Strong desire, Wish 1 Girl
Abilashini Desire, Aspiration, Desirability 3 Girl
Aeshna Desire, Wish 3 Girl
Aishna Desire, Wish 7 Girl
Akangsha Desire, Wish, Ambition, Hope 8 Girl
Akanksha Desire, Wish 3 Girl
Akansha Wish, Desire 1 Girl
Anukanksha Desire, Hope 11 Girl
Anusha Sinha Beautiful morning, Star, Following desire 7 Girl
Armita Desire 8 Girl
Arzoo Desire, Wish 3 Girl
Arzu Desire, Wish 3 Girl
Chahana Longing, Desired, Affection 9 Girl
Cheshta To try, Desire 1 Girl
Cheshtaa To try, Desire 11 Girl
Esha Desire, Attractive 6 Girl
Eshana Want, Wish, Desire, Aim, Impulse 3 Girl
Eshanika Fulfilling desire, Belonging to the north east, Satisfying 5 Girl
Eshna Desire 2 Girl
Eshnaa Desire 3 Girl
Ganakshi Desire, Want 7 Girl
Hatisha With no desire 3 Girl
Ichaa Desire 22 Girl
Ichchha Desire 4 Girl
Ichha Desire 11 Girl
Iha The earth, Desire, Labour, Exertion, Endeavour 9 Girl
Ihita Desir; Goddess Durga; Fighter; Beauty Queen 11 Girl
Ihitha Desire, Prize, Effort 1 Girl
Ipsa Desire, Iksha 9 Girl
Ipsha Desire, Iksha 8 Girl
Iradat Wish, Desire, Intention 8 Girl
Ishanika Fulfilling desire, Belonging to the north east, Satisfying 9 Girl
Kaamana Desire 6 Girl
Kaanti Beauty, Desire, Splendour, Ornament, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Luster, Loveliness 2 Girl
Kamana Desire 5 Girl
Kameswari Goddess Parvati, The Lord of desires, She is the queen of transcendental lust 1 Girl
Kamna Desire 4 Girl
Kangsha Desire, Want 7 Girl
Kanti Beauty, Desire, Splendour, Ornament, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Luster, Loveliness 1 Girl
Khahish Hearts desire 1 Girl
Khatira Wish, Desire 5 Girl
Khwaish Desire 7 Girl
Lubana Wish, Desire 6 Girl
Lubanah Wish, Desire 5 Girl
Maneesha Intellect, Desire, Wish, Goddess of mind, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Hymn 3 Girl
Manisha Intellect, Desire, Wish, Goddess of mind, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Hymn 11 Girl
Manorita Desire, Of the mind 1 Girl
Manoritha Desire, Of the mind 9 Girl
Maraam Wish, Desire, Aspiration 2 Girl
Marab Wish, Desire, Purpose, Use 8 Girl
Mashia Wish, Desire, Will of (Allah) 6 Girl
Meshva Goddess of desire, Goddess Parvati 5 Girl
Muna Wish, Desire 4 Girl
Neya A desire for something, Purpose, Bright, Lord Hanuman 9 Girl
Praasha Desire, A mark of Love 1 Girl
Reeja Goddess Lakshmi, Good news, Desire, Hope 3 Girl
Reja Goddess Lakshmi, Good news, Desire, Hope 7 Girl
Rija Goddess Lakshmi, Good news, Desire, Hope 2 Girl
Ruhika Desire, Ascending 5 Girl
Saesha With great desire and wish, Truth of life 8 Girl
Saisha With great desire and wish, Truth of life 3 Girl
Sarniha Desire 7 Girl
Spruha Desire 11 Girl
Tamanna Desire, Wish, Ambition 1 Girl
Tammana Desire, Wish 9 Girl
Trishona Desire 5 Girl
Umniya Wish, Desire, Hope 11 Girl
Ushana Desire, The Som plant that produces Soma, Desirous 1 Girl
Ushi Wish, Desire 3 Girl
Ushija Born of desire, Desirous, Energetic, Pleasant 5 Girl
Vairagi Detached, Free from desire and attaclunent 4 Girl
Vanca Wish, Desire 5 Girl
Varasya Request, Desire 6 Girl
Vena Desire, To move, Discern, To play on An instrument 6 Girl
Vita Desire 7 Girl
Zankhana Deep desire 4 Girl
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